Painting time: Hands in motion, SUNDAY workshops

Painting time: Hands in motion, SUNDAY workshops

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This painting project will start on Sunday November 15th at 7:30 pm UK time via ZOOM. Like in our past painting projects during each lesson I offer theoretical points and demonstrate painting live whilst students paint along and ask questions or clarifications.

The price is per 2 hour class. Pay per class and receive the recording of every class which you are welcome to keep indefinitely. If you miss a class, you are welcome to send me your work for feedback via email. As I demonstrate live during every session, it is hard to predict with complete accuracy how many sessions this project will take. For this reason I am only offering a pay per class option (Our last painting project of painting a full head portrait in layers took us 15 sessions.)


Exploring depicting change in a painting is a whole theoretical concept that has recently caught my interest. Through showing viewers the changes you went through establishing the painting or through depicting several positions of a subject you can activate slow down the time it takes the viewer to "read" your painting. We will be talking about this, discussing, showing examples and so much more. Get ready to take up your realism skills to a whole new level.


What you will need:

A complete list of supplies is on my website

I will be using an aluminium panel primed with a neutral gray gesso. I will be using a couple of soft  filbert brushes from Rosemary and Co and a cheap set of round detail brushes from Amazon with sizes 2 and 4.

My colour set is also listed on my website. If you do not have the exact colours, don't despair, similar colour choices are plenty good enough. See on Sunday.