ZOOM workshop: Painting the mouth May 31st- June 10th, Wednesdays and Sundays

ZOOM workshop: Painting the mouth May 31st- June 10th, Wednesdays and Sundays

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This is a workshop that can be either taken on it's own or as part of the Portraiture step by step series. 
Just like with painting the eye and nose, we will be covering colour combinations and brushstroke directions particular to the mouth area.
This workshop will help you transform a simple drawing into a realistic painting of a mouth.



The mouth workshop has one more class than the nose workshop. This is to allow extra time to explore and discuss variations on portraits, such as how to paint an open mouth with teeth and how to paint facial hair around the mouth area.
Learn to paint realistic portraits in oil, step by step by concentrating on individual features in detail, before moving on to a complete portrait. In these workshops we will start by exploring how to realistically paint eyes, including which colour combinations are suitable as well as which way to lead the brush strokes to achieve the best realistic likeness. We will then move on to the nose and the mouth separately, before painting a half head portrait and a full head portrait. I will teach you about the relationships between the light and the shadow and how to use texture to emphasise it. We will also cover a range of mediums to use. This is a workshop packed with plenty of tips to sky rocket your portraiture skills, but it is also a time to spend a nice relaxed evening together. You're welcome to join in with a glass of wine or a cup of tea, the choice is yours. 

Classes take place online via ZOOM and each class takes one and a half hours. 
DATES:      SUNDAY        31st of May
                 WEDNESDAY 3rd of June
                 SUNDAY        7th of June
               WEDNESDAY  10th of June
Classes starts at 8 pm UK time.

No refunds offered less than 72 hours prior to the start of the workshop. Class has a limited number of attendees. 

Tereza Barnard (b. 1984)is a contemporary realist painter working predominantly in portraiture. Using delicate layered brushstrokes her paintings strive to communicate the essence of a person, their gestures, mannerism, and the feelings mirrored in their expression. Observing and painting small nuances allows Tereza to bring the viewer closer to her subjects, awakening the audience’s empathy and wonder. The depicted individual subtleties suggest a narrative element to what may appear as static work at first glance. Her works are currently available on Artsy through 33Contemporary, a Chicago gallery focusing on premier contemporary realism and figurative art.